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The Little Big One

Quiet, compact and easy to drive: the e-up!2 is an e-car that delivers a level of quality and comfort that enhances the driving experience.

cockpit, e-mobility explained

e-mobility in motion.
Videos explain the e-up!2

Experience e-mobility

Here we demonstrate how the e-up!, Volkswagen's first mass- produced electric vehicle, brings simple and dynamic mobility to the road.


Electric charging

Look! Here you see how the rechargeable batteries of the e-up! can be fully loaded at the socket outlet, the Wallbox or the charging station in the least amount of time.


Drive farther - with the appropriate programme

Here you see how by choosing the appropriate driving programme you can save power and improve the car’s range.


Dynamic acceleration

Here you see how the e-up!’s great technology combines reliability and driving pleasure.


Smartphone access

Here we demonstrate how you can control the car’s features with the Car-Net e-Remote App.

e-up!, white, still, right side

The e-up! offers another major advantage: the operating costs of an electric car are much lower than conventional drive systems. In fact, the e-up! uses 11.7 kWh per 100 kilometres, which adds up to just 2.81 euros (at the current price of electricity of 0.24 euros per kWh). This makes the e-up! one of the most efficient of its kind even among electric cars.

e-up!, white, still, left side

The e-up! saves on costs in other ways, even while you sleep. For example, by charging at night using economical off-peak power. Maintenance costs are also much lower: Oil changes and oil filters, for example, are unnecessary.

e-up!, white, still, back

The e-up! is Volkswagen’s answer to bringing future technology into the present. Today’s customers receive a technologically advanced, safe and practical electric vehicle that offers all the comfort and quality standards people expect of a traditional Volkswagen.

e-up!, white, still, front

The e-up! disproves the notion that electric vehicles can’t deliver high performance. It has a maximum power of 60 kilowatts and an immediate torque of 210 newton metres. But there is more. The e-up! reaches speeds of 130 km/hour and accelerates from 0 to 100 in only 12.4 seconds. 

The new e-up! The charge comes as standard equipment.2

It was a long journey, but now the future has finally arrived: the new e-up! runs solely on electricity, and as a result, emission free on the road. It can cover up to 160 kilometres on one charge. That's the ideal distance for every day driving. Roughly 80 percent of all motorists – from daily commuters to frequent drivers – drive no more than 50 kilometres per day.

Full-size down to the smallest detail.
The interior of the e-up!2

e-up! leather accents inside

Leather accents

The leather accents in the e-up! are a joy to hold, and behold. High-quality leather on the steering wheel, gearstick, and hand brake come as standard equipment.

e-up! blue stitching inside

Blue stitching

Seams on the steering wheel, gearstick and hand brake are highlighted with a decorative blue stitching, to underscore a subtle new look for a new kind of car.

e-up! multifunction instrument panel

Multifunction instrument panel

Keeping an eye on the essential: e-up! drivers are always well-informed thanks to the clarity of its multifunction display. It shows information specific to every trip, including energy consumption, ride and recuperation levels, range, current and average consumption, performance previews, drive readiness gauge and charging metres. 

e-up! climatronic


The e-up! makes for a great environment – even in its own interior with the help of the standard Climatronic system that constantly regulates temperatures and keeps unpleasant odours out.

Vehicle Maps + More


Here you can learn all about energy flow, external temperature, energy consumption, and – using the "plus" drive pack – the space available when parking.

Think.Blue Trainer - Maps + More

„Think Blue. Trainer."

"Think Blue." represents Volkswagen's goal of achieving sustainable mobility. maps + more makes sure that every ride contributes to that goal by analysing driving behaviour and storing valuable tips for an ecologically sound driving mode.

e-Coaching Maps + More


The “Think Blue. Trainer.” analyses driving behaviour through accelerator and brake use, delivering valuable tips for ecologically sound and economical driving modes. 

Driving Profile - Maps + More

Driving Profile

More visual feedback is provided by the energy flow display and the recuperative braking statistics on maps + more. Important information is right in front of the driver's eyes.

e-Manager - Maps + More


The e-Manager on maps + more plays its part in delivering the most comfortable and range-efficient driving mode. Finally, you can enter your planned departure time and adjust the charge and stationary climate control accordingly. The vehicle adapts to your requirements and automatically ensures the optimum range on departure.

e-Navigation Maps + More


The built-in navigation system is at the heart of maps + more. It includes, among other features, tailor-made e-mobility settings like the Route Range Check, multi-stop route planning, an economical e-route display, 360° views of your range at current charge level and manual addition of charging stations.

Media - Maps + More


An entire world of music with radio function, a memory card slot (up to 32 GB), and MP3 playback function.

maps + more

You can’t get enough of this passenger: the portable navigation and infotainment system maps + more is a real highlight. Working with the RCD 215 radio system, maps + more brings together all the information and communication systems like no current or previous user interface. The display and control panel operate on a colour touch-screen.

pictogram, hot-air balloon, vacuum cleaner, mobile phone, turtle, car, blue

Lighter, faster, quieter.

The Volkswagen e-up!2 sets new and unusual benchmarks. What do they look like in detail? An unusual comparison. 

pictogam, mobile phone with electric cable, car with electric cable, blue

Charges faster than a smartphone.

An e-up! requires only 30 minutes to reach 80 percent of its capacity using the CCS charging system. A smartphone takes over an hour.

pictogram, hot air balloon, car, blue

Lighter than a hot air balloon.

The e-up! is not just a lot of hot air, but it does weigh less than the average hot air balloon. When fully packed, it weighs about 1.5 tonnes, or 200 kilograms less than a hot air balloon.

pictogram, vacuum cleaner, car, blue

Quieter than a vacuum cleaner.

The e-up! makes the world a cleaner place, but it produces less noise on average (at a distance of one metre) than a vacuum cleaner. 

pictogram, turtle, battery, blue

Lighter than a Galapagos tortoise.

The e-up! races at speeds up to 130 km/hour on the road, but its battery weighs less than a fully grown Galapagos tortoise. The lithium-ion battery weighs 226 kilograms; the giant reptile can tip the scales at 290 kilograms. 

save energy in electric cars save energy in electric cars

Full power ahead.
Tips to save energy.

Just let the vehicle roll. Learn how to coast. – 

With the selector lever handle in postion D, the e-up! coasts nearly without resistance from the motor... so no energy consumption. This increases your range. Simply take your foot from the accelerator, and coast to save money.

roll in an electric vehicle

Push-button control of your driving performance. – 

You can match your journey preferences with the performance of the e-up! by pressing the MODE button. Select between things like more range or better dynamics. Depending on your setting, the maximum speed or energy consumption (like the air conditioner) will be regulated.

choose MODE in electric car

Set cabin temperature in advance, and watch those accessories! – 

The air conditioner and heater can make driving more comfortable, but they cut down on your vehicle’s range. You can set heating levels via smart phone while you are charging. And learn to keep an eye on which accessories you have running and whether you really need them.

set temperature in electric car

Baggage, or ballast? – 

Cargo costs. Every 100 kilograms of baggage shaves about 5 kilometres off your range. So keep your boot free of clutter and unneeded cargo. An electric car is the wrong place to store your golf clubs or tyre chains.

minimum baggage in electric car

Keep an eye on your gauges. – 

Learn to be sensitive to feedback from your instrument panel. Your driving behaviour constantly influences your overall range or the amount of energy you recuperate through braking.

driving behavior in electric cars