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The All-Rounder

The latest technology in familiar clothing. The e-Golf 3 operates on 100 % electricity – that means zero local emissions. And this all-round talent doesn't require any compromises in comfort or driving experiences.

The future feels familiar.
The new e-Golf.3

The 100% LED headlamps in daylight-white produce more light for less energy. A strip of blue LED lights runs round the bonnet under the headlights for a further accent.

See and be seen, thanks to the quintessentially Volkswagen e-designs. The LED daytime running lights with the distinctive, signature C shape not only keep you safe, they also make the e-Golf a real eyecatcher.

The roof spoiler gives the e-Golf a sporty appearance and ensures increased output and better aerodynamics.

Easy electric.
Videos explain the e-Golf.3

Experience today the drive of tomorrow.

The electric drive of the e-Golf stands for simple, dynamic mobility – quiet and with zero emissions. But the e-Golf is still a Golf with its spacious interior and premium materials.


You decide on your driving range.

The e-Golf's information display always keeps you up-to-date with real-time data about range, battery capacity, recuperation and more.


Perfect heating comfort.

The e-Golf’s intelligent heating system uses the energy exactly where it is needed to ensure comfort and safety.



The Powermeter shows the current level of energy available to the driver, while the eMax tells you the maximum acceleration possible.

Leather finish

The e-Golf not only looks good, it also feels good to the touch. The steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake are finished with high quality leather as standard.

“Iridium Matrix” interior

Electrifying even at a closer look: the “Iridium Matrix” accents give the e-Golf’s interior a futuristic look.

Looks good, feels good. The new e-Golf interior.3

Volkswagen’s most popular car is available in a 100% electric model for the first time. It gives you everything you would expect from a Golf, and much more, starting with the highly innovative design.

The latest technology in a familiar shape.
The e-Golf at a glance.3

The engine: lightweight, quiet, efficient

Volkswagen drew on its engineers’ extensive experience and expertise to create the new all-electric range. They spent years developing completely new electric motors that are light, highly efficient and make minimal running noise.



85 kW (115 hp)***

Despite its small size the e-Golf engine is a real powerhouse.


270 Nm***

Standard in Electric Cars – Maximum torque is available at any speed – making for a rapid response.


 Driving through the city

The e-Golf’s state-of-the-art electric drivetrain with e-motor and single-speed transmission make it a dynamic city car. It needs just four seconds to reach 60 km/h, getting you snappily from A to B. That comes with staying power, too – the e-Golf has a range of up to 190 km.


4.2 seconds


140 km/h


up to 190 km



Reliability guaranteed: The battery

The e-Golf’s high-voltage  battery isn’t just extremely reliable, it’s also extremely long-lasting – that’s why Volkswagen gave it an eight year guarantee. It’s been built to take up minimal space and in the event of a crash is fully protected.


Drive further with recuperation

Recuperation means that as you drive along your battery can be partially recharged using braking energy. In practice, this means that when you step off the throttle, the battery gains power and extends your driving range.


Clean on the move

Electric cars like the e-Golf make local emissions-free driving a reality. If the battery is charged at a socket supplying renewable energy, your carbon footprint is even smaller. What’s more, the e-Golf uses only 12.7 kWh of electricity to cover 100 km, making it the most fuel-efficient electric vehicle in its class.





The most economical electric car in its class


Always fully protected

As an e-Golf owner you benefit from the latest Golf generation’s active and passive safety features. This means you’re fully protected at all times – even in the event of an accident. Here are the highlights of the comprehensive safety system.

 Multi Collision Brake


The Multi Collision Brake automatically triggers an emergency brake following a collision if the driver is unable to intervene. This prevents further collisions.

Electronic Stabilisation Program

The Electronic Stabilisation Program can detect critical driving conditions, ensure stable handling and prevent the vehicle from swerving or skidding on corners.

 Proactive Occupant Protection System

The optional Proactive Occupant Protection System responds seconds before an impact by tensioning the seat belts and preparing the brakes.



The e-Golf3 weighs 1.5 tonnes – only a few kilograms more than the Golf TDI5.

Space race

The e-Golf’s boot holds 341 liters – the same as a Golf with a conventional engine.


The e-Golf gets from 0–60 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. Speedy enough to get you around the city.

Energy wonder

You can recharge your e-Golf while you’re driving by stepping off the accelerator and using the energy recuperation system, which increases your range.